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What Can OmniSound Studios Do For You?

From recording the first note, to adding the final touches to your project, OmniSound can guide you through each step of bringing your vision to reality. Even if you’ve never done any professional recording before, we are here to help. Whether it’s recording your music, making a music video, perfecting your album artwork, or building your website, we’ll put together a team of professionals who will give you stunning results and be there to answer your questions every step of the way. Each project is different, so email us or give us a call for a free consultation.

  • Music is our passion–the reason why we exist. No matter who you are, what your musical style, or what your goals, getting a professional recording of your music is always the first step. With OmniSound, you can record your music in one of Nashville’s top studios with the same producers, engineers, and musicians behind the industry’s hottest records. Each project is different, so call us today for a free quote.

    Hear some of our work:

  • Whether you need a concept music video, filming of a live performance, or “making-of” video, we have a team of professionals to meet your needs and your budget. All of our video recordings are all done with state of the art HD equipment. Contact us for a free quote.

    See some of our work:

  • Your album cover is the first impression people have of your music, so it’s important to have album art that looks as good as your music sounds. By working with professional photographers and designers you can be sure you’ll get results you’ll be proud of. Contact us for a free quote.

  • Thanks to the internet, musicians have more opportunities than ever before to get their music heard. But even though many resources are available online, every artist needs a home base on the web. Work hand in hand with a professional web designer who will help you build a tailor-made website and knows how to put you in the very best light. Contact us for a free quote.

  • There are many ways to promote your music, but one of the best first steps you can take is to make an Electronic Press Kit. Whether you are booking shows, going after a major-label deal, or trying to gain media exposure, an EPK provides a quick look into your music and who you are as an artist. Contact us for a free quote.

  • Ever wonder how the writer of your favorite song came up with that line? Or how the engineer got such a powerful mix? How does the guitar player on that record get his tone? Find out first hand from the pros behind your favorite records by participating in one of our in-studio workshops. Contact us for more information.